Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the average weekly costs for having a 5% interest in a racehorse at Griffiths De Kock Racing Stables?

The average cost of having a racehorse with Griffiths De Kock Racing is approximately $60 per week per 5% interest. You would be required to pay the initial purchase price for the 5% interest followed by the average ongoing weekly expense of $60. This budget model is a proven formula that many owners use. It is the average cost over a 12 month period.

*This does not include charges such as interstate travel expenses, nominations to major Group races and any significant veterinary services.

How long does it take from yearling purchase to racing?

This can vary with each individual yearling. Some yearling’s are more precocious than others and look to be early runners, where others may require more time to mature and develop. Yearlings are given a short rest immediately after yearling sales before commencing their initial education process, which generally takes 6-8 weeks. Depending on how they cope with this process determines whether they enter our training facility to complete a few weeks further education and familiarise themselves with the daily routine of traveling to and from the training complex, walking machine and other associated tasks.

How many weeks can you expect a horse to race for?

Older horses generally race for 6-8 months of the year.  Some consideration has to be given to certain horses preferring particular race track conditions with some horses not showing a liking for rain affected tracks, whilst others love these conditions.

It is not uncommon for younger horses to go through some physical changes whilst developing such as shin soreness and muscle fatigue. These changes are very normal and are usually just an indication that they are going through growth phases not unlike a young child.

How many owners are permitted per horse?

Racing Victoria allows a maximum of 20 owners per horse (1 name per 5% share). This can be made up from individual owners and/or syndicates. Syndicates allow a maximum of 20 members and need to be registered through Racing Victoria.

What is the fee to register a syndicate and how many owners tickets are you entitled to on race day per syndicate?

To register a syndicate is $275. Tickets on race day are generally at the discretion of the club or club official. City meetings can also vary compared to Provincial meetings. Sometimes they are more stringent on feature race days such as the Melbourne Cup carnival etc.

Do you insure your racehorse?

We insure all of our yearlings for the first 12 months from fall of hammer. This is included in the purchase price. After 12 months, the relevant Insurance company will contact individual owners independently to ascertain whether they wish to continue to insure their own individual share. This is a personal choice. Racehorse Insurance is a death only policy so subsequently many owners prefer not to insure after 12 months.

Do I get to name my horse?

To make it fair for all, we ask all owners to submit suggestions, a shortlist is then created based on the available names and everyone can vote with the most popular name being submitted.

What can an owner at Griffiths De Kock Racing expect from the stable regarding communication?

• Owners at Griffiths De Kock Racing receive regular updates on their horse whilst in training. Pre and Post race reports detailing venue, barrier, race number, jockey and Robbie’s thoughts on form
• Facebook and Twitter updates and information
• Instagram
• Bi -annual Magazine featuring staff, horse and owner profiles, After the Track features, general stable/racing news
• E-Newsletters

If you wish to relinquish your interest in a horse what process is

Your interest is offered to the remaining owners. In some instances, other owners will each adjust their own share marginally in order to pick up the extra interest. If other owners do not wish to take up the interest it would then be offered to other Griffiths De Kock Racing clients. You are required to continue to contribute to your share until such time as the share is sold.

Will owners get tips and information?

You will receive information regarding your horse but not other stable runners. The stable will not offer tips in the interest of other horses trained in the stable.

Can I pick and race in my own racing colour

Yes, owners can pick their own colours. Colours can be registered with Racing Victoria. Racing in your own colours will be determined by whether or not other owners with a larger interest have their own colours. It is usually at the discretion of other owners in the group to decide. Griffiths De Kock Racing has their own racing colours in the likelihood that owners do not have colours.

How is horse prize money distributed?

Owners receive their prize money individually from Racing Victoria, who transfer prize money to individual nominated bank accounts with a summary.

Can I buy an interest as a gift?

Yes, gift vouchers can be arranged through our office.

What methods of payment can I use?

EFT, Cheque or Credit Card. When paying with a credit card, please be aware that Amex incurs fees, with training account payments. All payments for share purchases incur a merchant fee (including Visa and MasterCard).

Can I pick my own jockey?

Robbie prefers to allocate jockeys for each of his horses racing, depending on each horses individual requirements. He is happy to discuss jockeys with owners, however, the final decision will be based on Robbie’s training requirements for each horse and what he believes will be necessary for each horse in order to be competitive.

Can I contact other owners in my horse?

Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose other owners details without their consent, however, most ownership groups develop friendships and are happy to pass on their own details to co-owners.

How do I buy a share in a racehorse?

It’s very easy to get involved  – simply call 03 5999 3500 or contact us here on our website.
We will help you pick the right horse for you and your budget. Once you have decided on a horse, you will be sent an itemised invoice of the purchase and an itemised invoice on the 1st of each month for the ongoing expenses.

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