Ownership of these horses is available to suit your budget. Under the Rules of Racing Victoria Ltd the names of up to twenty owners can appear in the Race Book as such a variety ownership requirements can be met to this level. In purchasing these outstanding yearlings, either in whole or in part, your purchase price will include a year’s insurance and all expenses and costs incurred by Griffiths Training Pty Ltd

Training costs per calendar month will be approximately $250 per calendar month (incl GST) per 5%.

Our current daily training rate is $105.00 plus GST. We recommend to our clients that they allow $60 per week per 5% to cover all costs from date of purchase. This system has worked effectively for many clients and allows them to budget accordingly. It does not include interstate travel or nominations into listed or group races or major veterinary expenses such as surgeries. This allows owners to build up a bank whilst their horse is spelling and helps compensate larger accounts such as when their horse is racing.

We have the following facilities to enable your monthly account to be processed. Please note that a card fee will apply to American Express and Diners cards only.

If you wish to use a credit card for the purchase, we find the need to pass on the respective card fee applicable.

  • Payment required 15 days from date of invoice
  • Payment by Cheque, American Express, MasterCard and Visa
  • Direct Credit

Lease Opportunity

Leasing is a great way to get involved without paying an upfront purchase price. It's also a great way to get involved before taking up full ownership.

Leasing aims to provide an opportunity for individuals to race these quality thoroughbreds to be trained at Griffiths Racing in an affordable and enjoyable environment.

Throughout the term on the lease (usually 3 years) you will effectively be considered as an owner, entitling you to all the benefits of racehorse ownership, including race day ticketing and ownership passes.

The lessor (Owner) is paid a agreed rent by way of prize money, this is generally around 25 -30 % of the prize money.

Currently there are no Lease Horses Available