The Team

Communication With Our Owners

We understand an owner’s desire to be regularly informed about the progress of their horse.  We take great pride in sending our owners written and audio updates, enabling us to communicate on a personable level with them.

Our reports include the following:

Spelling reports – horses are generally spelled relatively close to the stables which allows the owners to visit their horses regularly, should they choose to do so.  It also enables Robbie to inspect the horses on a 3–4 week basis.
Weekly updates
Trial times & information
Pre Race updates including Robbie’s comments and expectations for your horse
Post Race summaries, recovery and future plans

We also send regular e-Newsletters and produce two issues of Griffiths De Kock Racing Magazine per year.

Contact Us

PO Box 656
Cranbourne Training Complex
Grant St
Cranbourne, VIC  3977

(03) 5999 3500

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